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Evan Peters to Return as Quicksilver in WandaVision? WandaVision El episodio 3 podría haber insinuado la presentación de Evan Peters como Thomas Shepherd, también conocido como Speed, contrariamente a los rumores de que reemplazará … With that in mind, it’s still hard for me to believe that such a massive supernaturally-infused event only left one new person with superhuman abilities. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Filmmakers Aren’t Saying, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Is Absolutely Not Shying Away From The Subject Of Race, According To The Head Writer, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 6 Questions We Have After The Big Premiere, New Poster For Loki Is Released, And Here's What's Up With That Wild Disney+ Logo. Evan Peters appears in the Disney+ series WandaVision, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Evan Peters portrayed Todd Haynes in Kick-Ass. Evan Peters' Quicksilver Is Under A Spell, But It's Not The Same One Everyone Else Is Under Peters' presence in Westview could pave the way for more X-Men cameos. For context, Peters previously played Quicksilver in the Fox X-Men films, while Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrayed the Maximoff twin for Marvel. Se rumorea que Evan Peters volverá a interpretar su papel de Quicksilver en WandaVision, pero puede haber creado una oportunidad para que interprete a Tommy, también conocido como Speed. WandaVision executive producer Jac Schaeffer has now dished on Evan Peters’ surprise appearance as Quicksilver in the latest episode. Evan Peters as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Although Evan Peters' Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver in WandaVision was deemed a fake, director Matt Shakman says fans should rule out the possibility of seeing more of the character. (2014–2019). When it comes to varied kinds of heroes, the MCU really isn’t lacking much. Evan Thomas Peters (born January 20, 1987) [1] is an American actor, best known for his multiple roles on the FX anthology series American Horror Story, Stan Bowes in the first season of the FX drama series Pose, and Quicksilver in the X-Men film series (2014–2019). The reason WandaVision used Evan Peters … Evan Peters appears as Quicksilver in X-Men: Dark Phoenix while Aaron Taylor Johnson plays the same in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Marvel’s Tom Holland Explains What He Wants To Do After Wrapping Spider-Man: No Way Home, Will James Gunn Work With Marvel After Guardians Of The Galaxy 3? and magically powered beings. And for me, that person is Ralph Bohner. From a storytelling perspective, such a massive event is bound to have lasting effects. The decision to cast Evan Peters as Quicksilver in Marvel Studios' WandaVision goes much deeper than having a fun X-Men cameo in the show. Marvel: ¿podría Evan Peters volver al MCU en su papel de Pietro Maximoff? Evan Peters: Peter, Quicksilver Showing all 22 items Jump to: Photos (16) Quotes (6) Photos Quotes Pietro Maximoff : They told me you control Erik Lehnsherr : "They"? Instead of actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson playing Quicksilver in this episode of WandaVision, Evan Peters is standing at the door as Pietro, acting like everything should be normal, having shown up to surprise his sister after having been gone for some time. Quicksilver and Speed co-existed in the comics, so the same could definitely be possible in the MCU. All images are used with permission or licensed. By Meagan Damore Published Jun 01, 2020 Another Quicksilver may have joined Marvel Studios' WandaVision, in a manner of speaking. There, Evan began taking acting classes and at age 15, he moved with his mother to Los Angeles in hopes of … With this, having Ralph Bohner become the new Quicksilver fills a void that’s been present within this franchise for nearly six years. So why exactly am I hopeful about his chances of an MCU future? The cinematic universes of the Avengers and X-Men have finally collided thanks to Evan Peters' WandaVision role. It’s true that Wanda did manage to reverse The Hex and release the residents of Westview, but she’s a special case -- she’s the all-powerful Scarlet Witch after all. Most frustrating of all was that Evan Peters’ Quicksilver was not the X-Men version of the hero at all but some guy called Ralph Bohner that Agatha Harkness had hexed into thinking he was Pietro. Evan Peters portrayed Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Plus, given all that’s gone down, a hypothetical reunion between the two would be interesting. Marvel Studios’ first TV show took the Marvel Cinematic Universe into new territory, giving viewers a sitcom-infused story that examined the effects of grief and trauma. Una de las grandes sorpresas en WandaVision fue la inclusión de Evan Peters … As a matter of fact, if he was to keep his powers, he could actually end up becoming the new Quicksilver of the MCU. Evan Peters played Quicksilver in Fox’s X-Men franchise. Quicksilver is a speedster, so maybe that plays into things. Many were shocked when a seemingly revived Pietro Maximoff appeared in the closing moments of WandaVision’s fifth episode. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Though since the death of Pietro Maximoff, the cinematic universe has been without a speedster. Evan Peters was born in 1987 in St. Louis, Missouri to Phil and Julie Peters. Could Britney Spears Get Her Own Meghan Markle-Style Interview To Tie With Free Britney Movement? Evan Peters was introduced as “Peter,” aka Quicksilver, in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Fans will recall that he played Quicksilver in … "I think there’s a strong possibility you might get a little more of Evan Peters coming up," Shakman told Fandom . The most recent episode of … Who was the Steppenwolf voice actor in Zack Snyder’s Justice League? By James Troughton Published Feb 17, 2021 WandaVision has finally reached its conclusion, and it was a wild, weird and wonderful ride, to say the least. Admittedly, I could definitely be overthinking things, and Ralph Bohner could just end up being a playful nod to the Peter Maximoff we know from the X-Men universe. 20th Century Fox With the way the Marvel Universe is evolving, his appearance could be the … By doing this, Marvel Studios would effectively give fans what they were asking for, without actually giving them what they asked for. On top of that, it also gave viewers plenty of comic book goodness, though it also managed to dash a number of our theories in the process, including the ones surrounding Evan Peters’ Quicksilver. And based on the finale’s post-credits scene, there’s a firm chance we haven’t seen the last of the mischievous young hero. Well, let’s take a look at a few of my reasons: As mentioned, viewers learned in the finale that Agatha used a necklace to make Ralph Bohner do her bidding, and the enchanted neckwear was ultimately destroyed by Monica Rambeau. He was definitely a mutant and possibly the son of Michael Fassbender’s Magneto. … I eat more pizza than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But Quicksilver was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” This was the first time an actor from the X-Men franchise joined the Marvel Cinematic It's also worth noting that Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver famously died at the end of Age of Ultron. This is certainly the case with Monica and Wanda. With this, many people (including myself) began to assume that he was a Quicksilver from another universe -- specifically the one belonging to the X-Men. Spoilers for the WandaVision finale -- "The Series Finale" -- lie ahead. WandaVision Star Evan Peters Breaks Silence on Quicksilver Return for Marvel Studios By Joe Schmidt - March 5, 2021 07:13 pm EST Now that WandaVision has ended, we … I absolutely have to point out that “Fake Pietro” wasn’t the only speedster viewers met in WandaVision, as the series also introduced Wanda and Vision’s son, Tommy. It goes without saying that such a development could put Ralph Bohner in a major position going forward. There, he plays Ralph Bohner, who is an imposter Quicksilver. While things didn’t quite turn out the way fans hoped when it came to “Fake Pietro,” I’m actually still hopeful that this isn’t the last we see of the metahuman imposter. Another possibility could be that Evan Peters is really Nightmare, as Wanda's reality does seem like a nightmare, and Nightmare has been rumored as a villain for 2. 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' Interviews With Zack Snyder And Deborah Snyder, 'Chaos Walking' Interview With Daisy Ridley, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run Cast Interviews, Lucifer Creator Thanks All The Moms Who Complained About The Show After Final Netflix Table Read, Another Black Panther Actor Is Confirmed For Ryan Coogler’s Sequel, High School Musical's Ashley Tisdale Just Had A Great Reaction To Harry Styles' Grammys Outfit, Bridgerton Star Phoebe Dynevor Has Landed Her First Movie Since The Netflix Sensation, Enter For A Chance To Win CinemaBlend's Rick And Morty Loot Crate Giveaway, Enter For A Chance To Win CinemaBlend's She's The Man Giveaway, What Does The World In The MCU Think Happened To Captain America? So with all of this in mind, it may be possible that Ralph’s enhanced speed is permanent. Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes: Eagle-Eyed Fan Notices Possible Plot Hole But Is There Deeper Meaning? Still, I will not rule out the possibility that more could lie ahead for the Trevor Slatterey-like character. While it’s easy to write off Evan Peters’ faux Quicksilver as an Easter egg meant to misdirect fans, there could still be a way for him to stay around. What was even more surprising is that he was played by none other X-Men franchise vet Evan Peters. So the MCU could be well on it’s way to getting another permanent speedster. QUICKSILVER (BEST SCENE) SAVES MAGNETO | KITCHEN SCENE | EVAN PETERS BEST SCENE 4KWHAT WILL YOU DO IF YOU HAVE MYSTIQUE'S POWER? Guardians Of The Galaxy: Is Miley Cyrus Reprising Her Role For James Gunn In Vol. However, we later learned that he was only a tool used by Agatha Harkness to spy on Wanda and, in the finale, it was revealed that he was simply a Westview, New Jersey resident named Ralph Bohner, who had been enchanted by Harkness. EXCLUSIVE: Evan Peters Playing Mystery Role in ‘WANDAVISION’ The world needs some good news. When his father's job was transferred, the family moved to Grand Blanc, Michigan. Thanks to a familiar and trusted source (the same L.A. based source who told me about Peyton Reed signing on for Season 2 of The Mandalorian ), I have learned that Evan Peters ( American Horror Story , X-Men ) signed on for a key role in the Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series … Until the moment when Evan Peters walked into WandaVision's sitcom house and Wanda recognized this alternate universe version of Quicksilver as … Moving forward, the “Westview Anomaly” will be known as a seminal event in the MCU, not unlike the Battle of New York or the Fall of Sokovia. Though MCU fans have seen Wanda's brother Pietro before, he was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson then and was killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But who says we can’t have both Tommy and Ralph? The heroine selflessly re-entered The Hex, which altered her bloodwork and gave her superhuman abilities. Yet, the MCU brought in Peters instead of Taylor-Johnson. During the finale, Agatha stated that spells cannot be reversed. Evan Peters como Quicksilver Fox Con el hashtag #SaveQuickSilver, fans pretenden que Evan Peters se integre al UCM Tras haber terminado la serie de …

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