Famalicao - Fc Porto, Benjamin Biolay Femme Argentine, Bidonville En Anglais, Thomas Vergara Et Nadège, Le Tapin Tranquille Patachou, Activités Gratuites Réunion, Circuit Tour D'asie, équipe Espagne 2010 Final, Météo San Sebastian, " /> Famalicao - Fc Porto, Benjamin Biolay Femme Argentine, Bidonville En Anglais, Thomas Vergara Et Nadège, Le Tapin Tranquille Patachou, Activités Gratuites Réunion, Circuit Tour D'asie, équipe Espagne 2010 Final, Météo San Sebastian, " /> Famalicao - Fc Porto, Benjamin Biolay Femme Argentine, Bidonville En Anglais, Thomas Vergara Et Nadège, Le Tapin Tranquille Patachou, Activités Gratuites Réunion, Circuit Tour D'asie, équipe Espagne 2010 Final, Météo San Sebastian, " />

alpes bavaroises road trip

It should be – I think there’ll be snow but if you have the right car with proper snow tyres there’s no reason for not driving this route at that time. Do you think it’d still be good weather to do this? You can check it out here: You can skip the bits that don’t tickle your fancy. Bavaria is famous for skiing so don’t think anything should be shut . This looks too good to be true. You will need a vignette if you’re driving in Austria. We stayed at Hotel Grunwald Garni. We look forward to planning our next trips based on your travel exploits too! Start the day early and head to The Dachau Concentration Camp for a somber lesson in world history. What are you waiting for? Hey Sabine – did you enjoy it as much as we did? May 13, 2020 - In this article, I will focus on this special place in Germany; it is the most dreamy castle that exists. Plan to drive to the alps and back over the next 4 days before we head to Spain for 8 days. They’re narrow in some places (near the smaller villages) but not crowded. In fact, Ettal is a small village so things are quiet once it’s dark. We also love the Hofbrauhaus, Munich’s legendary beer hall, for the wide array of German beer (and food!) Welcome to the Deutsche Alpenstrasse (The German Alpine Road). vinay, Hey Vinay – On this particular trip, we spent our time in Germany and Austria only. This winding route is known as the High Alpine Road, which takes you from Salzburg to Carinthia, passing through gorgeous scenery of the Hohe Tauern National Park, with views of almost 40 mountains. We would like to fit this drive in between our time in Italy and France. We followed a lot of your recommendations (Unterwossen, the Ice Caves, a Gorge (though we did Leichensteimklamm, instead of Partnach Gorge), Dachau) and it turned out to be one of the best road trips. yes you can always rent in Munich and drop off in Salzburg – different agencies charge different one-way drop off fees so best check that. 2. How is the parking with big cars, specially in smaller towns and near the castles/Lakes? We were planning to fly into frankfurt and drive the romantic road to fuessen and then onto mittenwald and salzburg along the alpine road. I am planning a road trip for my partner’s birthday in October, and came across this one. We, family of 5 adults and 1 kid will be most likely renting a 7 seater for this road trip. Im planning a trip for one week to Germany….any suggestions? Answer 1 of 7: We are planning a road trip through the Alps, specifically Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and France. Between the two of you who is the planner and which resources do you use? 5 nights in Ettal Good afternoon! We would like to visit Vienna, though, because our family lived there before WWII. This is exactly where having a car and being on a road trip comes wonderfully into play. This 260 ft deep gorge has been cut into two by a river and it’s actually possible to walk through it. I do keep in mind all the beautiful places you mentioned. We have booked the ferry from the UK already. Day 8: Walchensee & drive to Unterwossen It’s a tall pole depicting various rituals and traditions of Bavarian life. Rent a Car For Your Bavarian Alps Road Trip Adventure. We live in India and hold valid Indian licenses and were wondering if we can hire car and drive on Indian license. Read about all our favourite road trips in one place , Do you know we shot an outfit post in a Bavarian forest  when we were in Ettal, Love Germany? For ex, when I visited Partnaklam Gorge ( we had taken the train from Munich ), I didnt really find a great place to stay in. The 1st 5 days are planned in Amsterdam Bruges and Ghent I loved your pictures for sharing with my friends who’ll be traveling with and have never been at all. Thereafter we will have 9 full days for Germany wherein we plan to keep 3 for Berlin and 6 for Munich and the surrounding places .We are doing this in April 2016 and plan to rent a car . In a few hours, you’ll hit the Autobahn – crank up the speed and enjoy the last few hours of driving without speed limits. Hey Aparna – that’s amazing So happy to hear this! Day 6: Partnach Gorge We did this road trip from Munich in July. Looks like Bavaria might be a winner. Other than the Ice cave and concentration camp – any edits to be made when traveling with a family, including a 4yo? Hi Nisha yes it is possible to cover all these places although you won’t really be enjoying much of the places. we are going this coming August! This majestic road passes through picturesque rolling hills, Alpine meadows, quaint villages, gnarled forests, ice caves, enchanting lakes, fairy-tale castles, and more beer gardens than you could possibly count . I don’t think it should be a problem for your motorhome . This is a good time to get accustomed to errr combative German drivers on the Autobahn. Hey you should find accommodation as you go along in April , Thats a perfect getaway post with the Oh So amazing pictures. Hey Stephanie – it’ll be easy to incorporate Vienna into this itinerary -just make sure you leave your car at a Park n Ride Car Park as finding a parking spot in the city can be a nightmare on busy days . Do you have specific recommendations on Alpine roads one must visit to capture some picture perfect scenic experience on road? Thanks!! Please suggest a route (Cities and towns) for those 5 days so that we can make most of the time..that will be great help Fussen, Neuschenwenstein castle; Ettal abbey, Oberammergau, Garmisch Partenkirchen, and Partnach Gorge. If so, there are no tolls on German roads however as mentioned once (if) you drive over to Austria, you have to buy a vignette (and stick it on the windshield – this is for tolls on Austrian roads) and this vignette is easily available as soon as you enter Austria or even in Germany close to the border with Austria from any fuel station/kiosk. The road to Lucerne passes through the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere, a natural nirvana covering 400 square kilometres at the foot of the Alps. Sorry i spelt your name as Sid . I follow your insta posts & photos which are just out of this world. Thanks for the great and helpful blog. Yes, you can drive in Germany and Austria using your Indian license. Read the descriptions of the places below – this is a road trip you will want to go on asap , Day 1: Fly to Munich or Memmingen and pick up rental car We mite change the intinerary depending on our travel & convenience. Thanks. That way, you can explore Hey Monali- you can use the contact us tab on the top right . Seeing it from outside and hiking up to the view points is great and then you can drive to Ettal and Partnarch Gorge to spend the rest of the day. We stayed at the picturesque Hotel Blaue Gams overlooking the Ettal Abbey and paid £50 per night for a double room including breakfast. Nous avons repris la direction de Munich et plus particulièrement de Dachau. Welcome to the Deutsche Alpenstrasse (The German Alpine Road). You can just use Google Maps to trace a route that includes Munich, The Dachau Concentration Camp, Fussen, Ettal, Oberammergau, Garmisch Partenkirchen,Unterwossen, Werfen, and Salzburg including and excluding destinations depending on personal preferences and the days you have at hand , hi Sid /Savi Road trip dans les Alpes Bavaroises et Autrichiennes : itinéraire, conseils et bonnes adresses 11 novembre 2018 • Allemagne • Autriche • Carnets de voyage Des montagnes effilées, des lacs aux eaux translucides d’une pureté rare, des forêts de sapins, des vallées verdoyantes où paissent tranquillement vaches, moutons et chèvres… Great story about a wonderful place in Germany. Once you’re in Salzburg, walk around and absorb the atmosphere. I am a huge fan of your posts and follow every where in insta,fb . The Furka Pass . I wanted to know is IDP mandatory for driving in Germany or can I manage to drive with an Indian driving Licence , I got through many posts and all suggested while it is not mandatory but preferable . We’d suggest spending 3 nights in Ettal and 2 in Unterwossen . Life-changing. In fact am tempted to do the same with my husband n 12 year old daughter. Karwendelbahn looks amazing – just added to our list . I have been to Switzerland, and as you mention, it is incredibly expensive, so it’s great there are other nearby alternatives! You could end your trip in Prague (return the car the moment you get there and spend 2-3 days exploring the city – it’s one of our favourite cities in Europe and will be amazing in the festive period), Do check if you’re allowed to drive the car rented in Munich into Czech – we know you can drive into Austria, but just check about czech republic , This blog has been our inspiration for our road trip. We look forward to helping you plan the ultimate trip to southern Germany, or wherever your travels take you. It’ll give you a bit more time to soak in the atmosphere . Do send us some photos from your trip to Bavaria. Pól Ó Conghaile gets behind the wheel with his Top 10 scenic Irish drives. Thanks Brooke – Germany and Austria are incredibly pretty and the Alpine Road is an amazing alternative to a road trip in Switzerland , Hi guys, this itinerary of urs looks awesome, however could u be more specific on the financial details ie, the budget needed. You might want to stock in Munich before heading to the countryside. This is one of the most scenic and romantic drives in the world and the scenery needs to be seen to be believed. Don’t leave the area without going on a cable car ride near Mittenwald -Zugzpiste is the most popular one but it is invariably crowded (and overpriced!). A farm-stay option would be great with a 2 year old but we don’t know of any in the area. Il date de 1933 et a été fermé en 1945. Required fields are marked *. Yes, you can rent from Munich (we rented from Memmingen which is very close to Munich). Hi We recommend spending 3-4 days in Berlin. I did some amazing hikes, saw the most awesome waterfalls and really enjoyed the nature, even though it rained all the time! We’d love to share them with our readers on Facebook and tag you . Was thinking if its possible to put that in and also possibly visit one more country? Love the blog! We are off to Bavaria in the June of 2019 and will def copy some of the roads you been. Definitely make time for the drives for they are amazing! From South Tyrol, we had to go all the way to Bischofswiesen in Germany to visit my brother and his family. There are rolling hills, pastures, and traditional Bavarian houses overflowing with flowers as far as the eye can see. However well-stocked supermarkets are few and far in between. Road trip allows you to go wherever and whenever you like and this can make your trip much more smooth and exciting. People flock here to get away from the rat race for a little while and tend to just laze about on the beach or in a local diner. Dave Aah – get ready to enter a world that seems like it doesn’t belong to planet Earth. ROAD TRIP DANS LES ALPES BAVAROISES : LA VIDÉO ! The castle is surrounded by lush mountains and gorges and its spires reach out to the sky. Thanks for putting this on-line. The highest point of the road is a staggering 2,504m (8,200ft), and the views are, well, you can imagine how good they are. Apologies for the late reply. #travelersaesthetic #travelaestheticwanderlust. Cannot wait! Also can we take the car crossing the Germany Austria border. This is the view you will be rewarded with :-. and whihc month was it ? Thank you, and keep up the traveling and sharing! Over the next day and a half, explore the sights and sounds of Munich. I went to Munich last year, and had a chance to explore Neuschwanstein Castle, Dachau Concentration Camp and Salzburg but since I took trains (which was an incredible experience in itself) I missed out on staying in the little Bavarian villages. I am planning a trip to bavaria along the lines you have mentioned in july.Since we have a 18 month kid i am planning to skip the Partnach Gorge and Garmisch Partenkirchen. Your thoughts? On this page I’m sharing the highlights of our roadtrip in Auvergne Rhones-Alpes, so you can use it … Can u tell me which month did u travel to Munich? Such a helpful blog – I just wanted to say thanks! Hey Arwel – the answer to that is ALL of it We were in the car for long periods of time and most of the treks/hikes that can definitely be undertaken with a toddler in tow. You can buy it at the petrol station just before crossing the border into Austria , Your phone GPS should be absolutely fine . Answer 1 of 4: Me and my partner are booked up for Bavaria just after Christmas. Saved by InstaWebViewer. What are the highlights, and what can we skip? Roughly around £125 per day (and night) for both of us including accommodation, car rental, food, and drinks. our next leg of the trip is in Prague; guessing the travel time from Vienna and Munich are not that different. You could skip the trip to Salzburg and the ice caves if you wish. My wife and I will be spending over a month in Europe in mid June – July 2016. – I want to include Berlin in the itinerary (Fly into Berlin and out of Munich) How many days do you recommend for Berlin? Then onto our favourite village in the area – Oberammergau. This trip looks like a dream! In our opinion, the whole stretch of Deutsche Alpenstrasse is gorgeous.The stretch from Fussen to Ettal is particularly beautiful. Here’s the link to all our articles on Germany: https://www.bruisedpassports.com/category/germany Nope, it’s not a figment of our imagination – it actually exists!! So happy to hear that Bavaria is a magical area, isn’t it? With the Alps to the south and idyllic towns dotting its hillsides, Bavaria is a beautiful and romantic destination. Im definitely tempted. Hey James – this roadtrip in Bavaria comes to around $1000/person Hope that helps. Thanks so much for sharing this. Check in at your hotel/B&B in Unterwossen and prepare yourself for an otherworldly adventure the next day. It’s a very interesting and detailed account of your trip, loved every bit of it. Imagine 2-3 hours of driving every day. I’m going late April, thinking of driving. We see no reason why travelling with your son might be a problem when visiting the castles – we saw plenty of families with toddlers and the little ones seemed to be having the time of their lives . Just make sure you park your car at one of the park-and-ride parking lots outside the city. Length: 115 miles Time: You could do … If you guys get a chance someday also visit Rothenburg, it’s very fairy tale-esque and adorable as well. August should be fine too. Thanks, Hey Fakhree – 9 days should be enough to cover the part of Germany you have in mind. Also, do you have any hotel recommendations near Ettal / Oberammergau? The castles are amazing and you must see them . Thanks again Hey Raghu – if you look carefully, you’ll see we’ve mentioned our favourite castles in the post. Soon you will see caves looming in the distance. WINTER ROAD TRIP. i have gone through your Bolg and found super. It will definitely be cold. We fly into Munich and are looking at doing a road trip through the Bavarian Alps. We have around 2 and half days before returning our car in Frankfurt. Pls suggest what we should include/skip in the German section .Do you advise we cut down(eliminate) the time in Brussels if the need be . Yay , I was unsure of where to travel during the July holidays and I came across your blog and this amazing road trip. we will be in Interlaken (swiss) so the plan is to drive to Lindau, Fussen, Ettal, Unterwossen and then to Munich. This winding pass through the Alps is a world-famous European road trip, and drivers can test their nerve and their vehicles as one hairpin curve leads to another, to another, and to another. Thank you for sharing. It’s hard to take photos inside the caves but these pictures should give you an idea of what lies inside the labyrinthine ice-caves of Werfen. Le voyage a été riche en paysages à couper le souffle, téléphériques terrifiants, routes sublimes et belles adresses. Speed limits vary from region to region so you should keep a lookout when driving. it served as a good inspiration and a base/starting point for us to plan our Bavarian trip. Please let me know if there are any specifics other than in your blog that needs to be accounted for! What if we tell you there is a section of the Alps that is equally pretty, much less crowded, not touristy, and much much cheaper? This sounds like such an amazing trip, thanks so much for sharing! PS Make sure you read our article on Things to do in Amsterdam before you hit the streets of the city, Hi Vid/Savi Once you’re done, drive to picture-perfect Ettal, which will be your home for the next 4-5 nights. It will be magical , Hi savi and vid, lovely travelogue. As for crossing to Austria, yes, you can take it across the border but once in Austria you must have a “toll” sticker on your car – you can get these from any petrol station supermarket. As for Werfen ice caves, we did not need any special equipment, but please keep in mind that we went in July. You have chosen the famous German Alpine Road in the 28th place. My Slovenia road trip at the Julian Alps was probably my best planned ever! The Guesthouse seems to be lot cheaper than the Hotel. I must say I am an ardent follower of your travelogues and completely adore your loving posts. Are the speed limits well marked like in Scandinavia? I was looking for recommendations on traveling in Bavaria with my family and came across your blog and I feel we might end up doing the EXACT road trip, it seems so good!! As if it wasn’t enough for Bavarian villages to seem like they belong in a fairy tale, they went ahead and painted the walls of all the houses in this village with fairy-tales by Brothers Grimm. Before you enter Austria, you can buy the vignette at any of the fuel stations near the border. I’m planning a trip from the 30th of June to the 5th along the Alpenstrasse then a couple of days in Munich. C’est clairement une idée reçue : on en a pris plein les yeux ! While some of these places you can reach by bus, especially Lake Bled, doing it as a road trip gave a lot more freedom. Is it possible to cover these places? Could you advice if the ice cake trek is possible with a kid on stroller?

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